iabpro services

The Challenge

Companies have many business goals, objectives and deliverables. Prioritization and single-minded focus is key. Many industry Advisory Boards are setup with the best intentions, but often fail to deliver their required and much needed business value.

Our Approach – Advisory Boards as a Service

Generally there are three types of chartered advisory boards – executive, technical and customer. Some companies, like start-ups, combine their objectives. IABPro can provide advisory services in any area.

Our core competency is to provide clients with expert advisors and management while simultaneously allowing the business to thrive.

IABPro has a five step deliverable methodology for working with you through every step of building an Advisory Board from Discovery to Management.

  • Step One – Discovery
    • Identify and prioritize business objectives
  • Step Two – Agreement
    • Finalize Advisory Board goals
  • Step Three – Document
    • Build measureable plan
  • Step Four – Appoint
    • Determine Advisory Fellow suitability
  • Step Five – Management
    • IABPro will schedule and manage Advisory Board meetings, create agendas and meeting minutes and continuously ensure the right advisors are in place

Our Advisory Fellows

Best of breed knowledge from experts with backgrounds in Telecom, Data Center, Cloud, Storage, Service Providers and similar technology companies offering a wealth of knowledge in:

  • Validation of key industry and market verticals
  • Building go-to-market strategies
  • Provide C-Suite mentoring
  • Company and product/service messaging support
  • Investigation of trends from a macro and micro perspective
  • Introductions to industry and market contacts and stakeholders
  • Seasoned help with troubled or failing companies

Our IABPro Fellows also have practical experience in activities such as:

  • Cloud and Managed Services
  • Digital Media
  • Engineering
  • Fund Raising
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Marketing
  • Operations